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WORKS 2017

《今夜石を打ち鳴らす /

 It will beat the stone tonight 》



Outdoor Installation

ZUSHI Art Festival


素材:写真、 真空パック、干物の干場




Material : Photographs, vacuum pack, place for dried seafood

Size variable







At the end of the festival, the fire that was lit when the spirit was returned from the portable shrine was deeply etched in my mind.

While regional and folkloric differences are strongly evident, at the same time the primitive senses common to all humankind are also revealed. I caught a glimpse of this at a festival in Zushi.


The work was exhibited outdoors at Zushi's Kotsubo fishing port, which is normally used for making dried fish, and countless vacuum-packed photographs sway in the wind, as if to preserve the culture rooted in the area. The sea in the background of the work continues to change over time, quietly echoing the landscape of the local beliefs captured in the photographs.



Night version installation view

Daytime  installation view

Part of the exhibition photo

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