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WORKS 2015

"明滅する輪郭 "  /

"Outline to flicker"








Material : movie, sound, Photographs, plastic bag, breath

Size variable





The figures in the photographs were sorted for sale in the back alleys of Romania and deemed unsaleable, also  while the people shown in the video are relatives living in Japan. Breathing, made visible by the plastic bags, represents the components that pass between the self and the other. The possibility is not zero that someone you don't know, someone who lives far away, someone who has already passed away, someone you hate, someone you love, the component that was part of them, will become part of you with a single breath. Repeatedly and repeatedly, you are freed from the boundaries of the self and at the same time you become aware of the boundaries.

Part of the exhibition photo.

40 sheets.

Some are Museum piece of

The University Museum,

Tokyo University of the Arts.

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