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《Light Falls Home(s) - 家のひかり》



Lambda print

675mm×450mm, 450×675mm (print size)

480×705×50mm, 730×510×70mm(flame size)


Exibition: my solo exhibition 

“The beginning of my journey is the beginning of your journey. ”

at ANB Tokyo, 2021


展覧会:個展「わたしの旅のはじまりは、 あなたの旅のはじまり」, ANB Tokyo, 2021


"Light falls home(s)" is a group of works that combines two photographs. One image was taken in Romania as she explored her roots while visiting the country. The other image represents an object she brought back to Japan and later photographed in the light that falls in her house. Sunlight and geography are essential motifs for this project. These two corresponding images were taken under the light shining in Romania and Japan. Light is born in the relationship between the earth and the sun. And there are various beautiful lights on the planet. The sun's light falls equally regardless of the borders drawn by humans. This work asks about the meaning of human-made borders and the history of human migration.


​Coming soon

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