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ANB Tokyo

スクリプカリウ落合安奈 個展

わたしの旅のはじまりは、 あなたの旅のはじまり

【Solo exhibition】ANB Tokyo

The beginning of my journey is the beginning of your journey.











Ana Scripcariu-Ochiai is an artist. She has been unable to visit her other home country due to travel restrictions by COVID-19 raging around the world. She has therefore attempted to unravel the journey of her mother Yuriko Ochiai, the photographer who inspired her to be born, and to create the exhibition together.


Yuriko, who studied photography at Japan University College of Art and worked as a photographer, travelled to Germany in 1989 and witnessed the fall of the Berlin Wall. Yuriko then moved to Bucharest during the bustle of the Romanian Revolution, and once back home, she chose to go back to Romania and live with the people living in the land of Eastern Europe. The birth of Ana there was a symbolic event in Yuriko's journey, and for Anna it was the beginning of a journey called life.


The exhibition consists of three elements.

Firstly, photographs taken by Yuriko in Berlin and throughout Romania.

The second is Ana's group of works that combines two photographs . These photographs taken in Romania, where Anna visited to explore her roots, and photographs taken in the light of her Japanese home of objects she brought back from her travels there.

And the third is a video showing Yuriko and Ana's hands in dialogue across the exhibition model. This video made by Ana.

Through them, two journeys are illuminated: Yuriko's journey and Ana's journey to her own roots.

[exhibition archive movie] Ana Scripcariu-Ochiai Solo Exibition/個展「わたしの旅のはじまりは、 あなたの旅のはじまり」ANB Tokyo

exhibition archive movie
5min 36s
​archive movie by Masanobu Nishino

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3D archive by archihatch


スクリプカリウ落合 安奈

《 わたしの旅のはじまりは、あなたの旅のはじまり/ The beginning of my journey is the beginning of your journey. 》


10 分 50 秒



Ana Scripcariu-Ochiai

《 The beginning of my journey is the beginning of your journey. 》


10min 50s

single channel video