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 《 北東 10° / Northeast 10 °



Video installation






Material : curtain, old chair, video, sound

Size : available


「Residence project」にて、ベトナムの世界遺産のホイアンで滞在制作と展覧会を行いました。

For the "residence project", I made a stay at Hoi An, a World Heritage Site in Vietnam, and made an exhibition.





彼は、かつて貿易商としてこの地にやってきた人物であった。 372年前からここに眠る彼の墓は、母国の方角、北東10°を向いている。 私は、その方角へ向かって歩いてみることにした。


北東10°から吹く風にのって、無数の船が海原を渡ってこの地へたどり着き、 互いの大地で生成された物や文化を交換してきた。



In Hoi An, which once flourished as a port town in Vietnam, I met a Japanese grave. 

As I walk to the north from the old city district for about forty minute, the houses and shops on both sides of the road started disappearing, and suddenly the brilliant green spread out to the fullest. Full of this green land was a rice field, constantly moving by wind like a wave in the ocean.  

As I kept going, one narrow road to the grave appread. It was so narrow that one adult can barely pass. The noise that I make in each step almost felt synchronizing with the sounds of insects, fish, and birds that ran away from me. I am invading their space.  

Then there -- there was the grave. The tomb of a Japanese merchant who died in 1647 was surrounded by many lives, greenery, and the life of the Hoi An people. He once was a person who arrived here as a trader. Due to the Edo Shogunate's national isolation policy, he was separated from his fiance Hoi An woman and forced to leave for Japan. It is said that later in his life, he tried to come back to Hoi An and died on the way.

There is little documents left about this Japanese merchant. Some sources say that after reuniting with his fiance in Hoi An, he died of illness, and others tell a different story. 

There’s only one thing that is certain -- his tomb has been here since 1647, standing in the direction of his homeland; 10 ° northeast. --.  

This tomb has always been here even if it has got shot during the Vietnam War or even if the rice fields in the rainy season turned into a lake and eroded the land. 

I decided to walk further in the direction the grave is facing.

As I reached the point where I can’t go anymore, I was standing at the edge of ground. There was the ocean as far as the eye can see. 

Carried by the wind coming from 10 ° northeast, countless number of ships have crossed the ocean to reach this place, exchanging products and cultures from each continent. This place and the other place are still connected by the ocean dividing these two. 


Northeast 10° / introduce ・作品紹介
​inside view
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​inside view
​outside view 
​outside view 
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