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WORKS 2018

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 《  浄闇/Purified darkness



Video Installation




Material :video, sound, 3 m diameter circular mirror, 3 m diameter projection screen, blackout, projector, speaker



exhibited in spiral garden , Omotesando , Tokyo







In this work, I give firestones to people of various ages of various countries and have them fire up.


In primitive ignition method called flint stone, in addition to practicality in Japan there are meanings such as " Talisman

", " Purification", " lucky charm". And there are still people using it.

One primitive act was given various meanings beyond time and distance.

From the interest and similarities of the differences that emerge there, I think of things that are connected beyond ethnicity, age, time and distance.

I saw it the first time in Zushi's festival that I was visiting at the festival's research last year. There, it was done as one of the rituals when returning the Holy Spirit inside a Mikoshi to the temple.

I felt the acts very primitive and remembered intensely. I tried to reproduce it, and this work was born.


While studying Japan and Romania, and other countries' festivals, I was surprised by the diversity of the forms of religious beliefs, prayers and customs of each region. And interestingly, outside people feel strange about those. However, it is a "commonplace" for local people who have been there for a long time. The gap is not a wall, but the fun that is scattered in the world in countless numbers.


Most interestingly, most people get the flintstone for the first time. Then, even if I do not ask, each one devises and attempts to make a fire.

It created a way that former ancestors strike stones and cause a fire. And it went away by a new civilization.


But with the prepared flint stones, it will be born again in front of me. I would like to express a special feeling of euphoria that I feel when shooting, as I have witnessed the evolution of mankind.



One scene of video

Inside of installation

Inside of installation


Outside of installation

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