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Photo : Kazue Kawase (YUKAI)
Courtesy of SPIRAL / Wacoal Art Center 

Wacoal Art Center 2018「Ascending Art Annual Vol.2 まつり、まつる」展カタログより



加藤 育子 氏 (スパイラル/本展キュレーター)

From the catalog of Wacoal Art Center 2018「Ascending Art Annual Vol.2 まつり、まつる」

Ana Scripcariu-Ochiai was born to Japanese and Romanian parents. She is an artist who depicts a journey of creation by exploring physical, spatial, spiritual, cultural and historical boundaries between the East and the West. She visits Romania, Turkey, Germany, Poland, the United Kingdom, and France as well as various places in Japan such as Okinawa and Nagasaki to research local cultures and customs and collect material for her art. This show features three of her works: One presents two old family photographs symmetrically juxtaposed as a portrait illuminated by a lightbox; Intersect demonstrates illustrations on glass plates collected in Japan and Europe, and a slide projector moves these illustrations in a circle through the space; and KOTOHOGI is a book of  photographs taken at festivals in Japan and Romania. Each of these works has its elements of overlapping and separating to shed light on “differences” and “commonality” encapsulated in it. Each person is different and, depending on the region, generation, or belief, people comprise a group. When people are perceived as living things with DNA, individual differences may got over the barriers created by these emotions? Scripcariu-Ochiai's works keep asking this deep question quietly and beautifully like a prayer, transcending time and national borders.

Ikuko KATO (Curator) Spiral / Wacoa Art Center

2018        Ascending Art Annual Vol.2 「まつり、まつる」

2018年7月19日から8月5日に東京のスパイラル、また巡回展で10月4日から11月24日に京都のワコールスタディーホール京都で行われた、Ascending Art Annual Vol.2 「まつり、まつる」のグループ展カタログの一部。


My art work published on the Ascending Art Annual Vol.2 「まつり、まつる」catalog .This group exhibition was held in July 19 to August 5  Tokyo spiral, And traveling exhibition held from October 4 to November 24 at Wacoal Study Hall Kyoto in Kyoto. This is part of the catalog.

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